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As much as any other facet of your business, network design and planning is integral to its sustained success. Our consultative and professional approach includes our taking the time to fully understand how your business works, what it needs from a computer technology standpoint; and we impute this information into our recommended network solutions. As a result, our clients enjoy robust, stable, scalable, and easy-to-manage networks. Advocate Technology Group adheres to best-of-breed policies in its implementation of network infrastructures. In this way, our clients are assured of industry standardization and compliance with best practices.


It is quite common to focus on your business to such a degree that control over your organization’s technology infrastructure becomes elusive.

Advocate Technology Group has efficient and cost-effective methods for discovering network assets: Internet Service Provider details, routers, firewalls, switches, topology (cabling), wireless, servers, workstations, etc. We identify and document each management interface and administrative credentials.

You invested in the technology hardware, software, licensing, and implementation; ATG will audit, document, report, and place control back in your hands.

For many reasons, including compliance, insurance, business continuity, and minimizing TCO (total cost of ownership), it is important that companies organize and maintain comprehensive yet simplified security. ATG will examine your existing security policies and systems and provide a detailed report along with our ‘best practices’ recommendations.


Advocate Technology Group implements multi-layered threat protection to mitigate adverse exposure to your most valued asset—your data! Importantly, each company has unique security requirements in order to protect against ongoing threats which exist internally and externally. ATG has extensive experience with various manufacturers’ security products (Cisco, Juniper, SonicWALL, Symantec, WatchGuard, and many others). We develop and effect comprehensive security strategies, policies, and provide ongoing monitoring and recommendations.


Intel states that, “Virtualization technology is possibly the single most important issue in IT and has started a top to bottom overhaul of the computing industry.” For appropriate candidates, we perform a full assessment of your network infrastructure, quantify server metrics, and execute a ,virtualization solution effecting a reduced footprint of your company’s physical servers’ cooling needs, and power consumption.


Over the past few years, tremendous advances have been achieved in providing mobile workforces with access to internal company resources. In this challenging economy, relocating your revenue-generating talent can be an important cost-cutting measure. Advocate Technology Group implements robust and secure remote access solutions. We leverage the best-in-breed when it comes to sourcing the correct equipment from vendors and adhering to industry ‘best practices’. For your organization, ATG can enable one workstation or an entire enterprise with secure and flexible remote site connectivity.


Over the past few years, workforce and partner collaboration has become an integral part of being able to stay ahead of the curve in business. Enabling you to offer enhanced presence in the workplace facilitates more rapid response times and reduces the need for your management and staff to trudge through hundreds of emails or voice mails, in order to be productive and effective. Advocate Technology Group implements secure and highly available email and corporate instant messaging systems, making these resources readily accessible and affordable anywhere in the world. Whether it’s one email address or thousands, ATG has the experience to identify and provide the unified messaging solution appropriate for your organization.


Whether we are merely ensuring that your critical business data is available at an alternate location, or whether your organization requires a seamless transition to fully redundant network at an offsite location, Advocate Technology Group will implement and maintain the appropriate solution.

  • Online backups
  • Colocation of business-critical operations
  • Migration to Cloud / SaaS computing model
  • Warm Spare Servers
  • Application Clusters